St Patricks Walcha

School Vegetable Garden

In 2012 some of the School P&F members established a vegetable garden in the school grounds.

A Garden Club was formed of volunteers from Years 3 to 6. The Garden Club aim was to work on all the gardens but their main focus was the vegie garden. The Garden Club also helped the local Landcare group with replanting of trees at Blairs Gully.

In 2013 Mr and Mrs Woods assisted the Garden Club to build raised Garden beds, and establish compost bins which allows us to utilise fruit and food scraps back into our garden.

The Garden Club works in the vegie patch each Tuesday lunch time planting seeds, weeding and harvesting the produce. Harvested produce is offered to parents, for a donation, through the school newsletter. In 2014, for the first time, produce was offered for sale at the local Walcha Farmer’s Market. Money from the sale of produce is used to buy seedlings and seeds for the garden.



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