St Patricks Walcha

School Advisory Council

The inaugral School Council (renamed School Board in 1990) was elected in August 1987. The Board is largely concerned with policy making decisions and the financial management of the school. It is an advisory body to the Parish Priest and Principal.

The School Board has three ex‑officio members on the Board who are the Bishop, the Parish Priest and the Principal. In addition there are four parent representatives and one staff representatives. Other members can be coopted for a specific purpose eg financial expertise. The membership in any given year will be not less than eight and not more than twelve members. Generally Board members serve a term of two years but not more than four consecutive years.

The Board meets on the fourth Thursday of each month in school terms. The Annual General Meeting of the School Board is held in October of each year.

Current Board Members are:

  • Chairperson – Mr Damian Timbs (Parent Representative)
  • Secretary – Mrs Anna Flanagan (Staff Representative)
  • Treasurer – Mrs Pamela Watt (Coopted Member)
  • Cattle Fund Coordinator – Mr Cameron Greig (Parent Representative)
  • Other Parent Representatives – Mr Cameron Little, Mr Nick Hall and Ms Tracey Hinton
  • P&F Representative – Mrs Rebecca Macarthur Onslow
  • Parish Representatives – Mrs Joy Finlayson and Mrs Marta Barilaro
  • Ex- Officio Members – Monsignor Wayne Peters and Mrs Alanna McRae

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