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Fundamental Movement Skills

St Patrick’s uses the Fundamental Movement Skills in Action program as a part of its explicit teaching of PE. Fundamental Movement Skills in Action was developed to support teachers in the explicit teaching of the 12 fundamental movement skills. These skills are essential for students to participate successfully in lifelong physical activity and sport and to to enjoy the wide range of recreational pursuits offered in our communities.

The 12 fundamental movement skills are:

  • static balance
  • sprint run
  • vertical jump
  • side gallop
  • catch
  • kick
  • hop
  • skip
  • leap
  • overarm throw
  • two-hand strike
  • dodge

The program includes with each lesson:

  • a warm up or ‘huff and puff’ activity
  • ideas on how to teach the skill components
  • activities to practise and develop the skill



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