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As per the School’s Attendance Policy:

  • Certificates of Exemption from the compulsory education requirements of the Act may be granted by a delegated officer when it has been clearly demonstrated by the applicant that an exemption is in the best interests in the short and long term and that alternatives to exemption have been considered e.g. Distance Education
  • Procedural fairness must be accorded
  • Generally, certificates of Exemption should not be approved in the case of students who have been the subject of a community Services report or Child Wellbeing Unit report and for whom unresolved issues concerning a risk of harm remain
  • Applications for exemption from school attendance must be made in writing. In exceptional circumstances an oral request can be made to the School Principal seeking assistance on completing an application for exemption from school attendance
  • In the case of students of compulsory school age who are enrolled in a school, applications for exemption from school attendance must be submitted in advance
  • Exemptions from school attendance cannot be granted retrospectively
  • Principals may grant exemption from school attendance for periods totalling up to 50 days in a 12 month period for any one student
  • For periods more than 50 days in a 12 month period applications should be forwarded through the Diocesan Office to the Catholic Education Commission NSW

Principals may grant exemptions due to:

  • Exceptional domestic circumstances, including but not limited to participation in family holidays during school term subject to being satisfied that this is in the best educational interests of the child
  • Other exceptional circumstances such as health of the student where sick leave or alternative enrolment is not appropriate
  • Employment in the entertainment industry or participation in elite sporting events for short periods of time i.e. for one or two days and at short notice
  • For any other matter, the principal must consult their consultant

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